• Soy Pillar Play Candle

***Please note: Our soy pillar candles are no longer available. With the recent FDA ban on the manufacture of partially hydrogenated oils we can no longer get the base wax we use to create our own soy wax for these pillars. We will be introducing a soy paraffin blend very soon that will perform and feel as close to these as possible.

This pillar candle is handmade from unscented 100% soy wax blend in your choice of colour. Candle is 2\" in diameter and 6\" tall. Weighs approximately 8.5 ounces. This candle has no scents or additives. This is a 100% natural soy candle. These candles start to melt at 110 degrees (43.3 C).

We have chosen not to use petroleum additives in our soy blend so some mild mottling or frosting may occur.

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Soy Pillar Play Candle

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