• Blacklight Paraffin Pillar Play Candle

This pillar candle is handmade from a low temp paraffin wax blend to be UV reactive (glows under blacklight). Candle is 2" in diameter and 6" tall. Weighs approximately 8.5 ounces. This candle has no fragrance added. These candles start to melt at 110 degrees (43.3 C) and can have hot spots up to 120 degrees. Several colours available.

Colours pictured from left to right are; Magenta (no longer available, sorry!), Neon Yellow, Bright Blue, Lime Green, Coral, Shocking Pink.

Custom orders welcome. Candles can be made in a variety of colours. If you can imagine it, I can probably make it!

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Blacklight Paraffin Pillar Play Candle

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